Miraculous Delivery: Mom Gives Birth on Bus Headed to Warri

A pregnant woman got many passengers talking as she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl in a passenger bus on her way to Warri, Delta State.

In a video that has garnered significant attention, the voice of a lady could be heard narrating the events as people gathered to witness the moment nurses assisted with the delivery of a baby inside the passenger bus.

Woman birth baby girl passenger bus Warri
Bouncing baby girl.

The lady in her statement affirmed that a pregnant woman who was on the bus with them delivered her baby inside the bus, and both the mother and her new baby girl are alive and well.

The video carries a caption which reads: “Mother alive baby alive, passengers rejoicing. GOD DID, a sweet bouncing baby girl.”

Shortly after the video made its way to the internet, concerned individuals took to the comments section of the post to celebrate with the new mother.

See some reactions below: 

user5799821023267: “‎If he is a boy,I will named him…Carlos and if she is a girl… I will named her Carlista.”

Imosunshine: “‎Congratulations ma that boy will grow up to have motor parts plaza.”

jenniferizuegbu: “‎may God’s name be praised forever, Big congratulations.”

Shugar: “‎Thank you Jesus I tap from this testimony congratulations once more.”

Mhiz Becky: “‎Congratulations to her I tap from her grace.”

LINUS CHIDIMMA: “‎mother alive baby alive passenger rejoice.”

Blackshuga: “‎May his name alone be praised.”

user4269208030546: “‎May is name be glory I tap from your grace.”

Loveth signature567: “‎O lord I tap from this blessings Amen.”


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