A Second Chance for All – Boys Abandoned in Alley Trash, Couple’s Compassion Offers Fresh Start

It’s always interesting to me when I realize that most people are just going about their normal daily business, and great things suddenly happen to them.

For example, you may meet the love of your life while waiting tables at a restaurant, or you may discover an abandoned kitten while going out for a daily jog. A man named Mark Purcell was just taking out the trash at work when his life changed forever. Mark Purcell is a chef at Tampa Bay, Pasco Metropolitan Ministry in Florida. One day, when he was about to leave for the night, he discovered something shocking.

Purcell was taking out the trash when he saw two small heads sticking out of garbage bags. At first it seemed to the man that he was looking at two dolls, but he quickly realized that these were not toys, but rather two living breathing children. You got it right. Two little boys who were brothers were just sitting in the trash.

One of the boys was about two years old, and the youngest was seven months old. The only thing they were wearing were diapers, and as it turned out, their mom was hiding around the corner. No, she didn’t abandon her children. That’s the story.

Obviously, the family was homeless and the mother could no longer take care of her children, so she thought she could leave them at the church in the hope that someone would take them and give them a loving family, thereby providing these beautiful children with care that she herself could not. Mark didn’t know what to do, so he called one of the pastors of the church, Crystal Stewart, to see if she and her husband could take care of the children for the night. Crystal consulted with her husband Ron, and the couple agreed to take care of the children.

As it turned out, they saw little boys with their mother in the dining room. Once they even offered to help Mom, knowing how much she struggles. In an interview, Crystal explained that the boys were dirty and covered with insect bites. They needed a lot of baths and even more gentle loving care.

A few days later, the social worker and the boys’ mother asked the Stewarts to constantly take care of the children so that they would not end up in the foster care system. The young couple didn’t even hesitate. They were already in love with children. Watch this touching video below.

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