Rumors Swirl: K-Pop Star Huh Yunjin Reportedly Romancing NBA MVP Lebron James

The November 5th, 2023 date has been confirmed by both Yunjin’s and Lebron’s respective management teams.

Huh Yunjin’s management company, Sorce Music, has issued a statement on the dating rumors in various media sources today.

“The both are happily getting to know each other, we would appreciate if everyone would congratulate and support the new couple”

LeBron James Calls Out Referee Mistakes In Lakers Loss To Heat

Given the missed fоul calls in Friday night’s lоss tо the Miami Heat, LeBrоn James and the Lakers likely feel their 3-4 start tо the seasоn is unjust. The Lakers sent a highlight reel оf missed calls tо the league оffice, but they received a reply indicating there were nоne. LeBrоn felt cоmpelled tо express his displeasure with the situatiоn via sоcial media.

“The game isn’t going to be decided in the final two minutes! The first, second, and third quarters, as well as the first ten minutes of the fourth, are crucial to the game’s outcome.

The Lakers can’t change the outcome, but they may expect better officiating in future games. When LeBron James failed to make any free throws in the Cavaliers’ season opener against the Nuggets, many people voiced similar grievances against the officials.

He shoots 5.7 free throws per game, which is respectable but might be greater given the frequency with which he is not fouled.

Darvin Ham’s Displeasure With The Game’s OfficiatingJames’s latest comments came after the Lakers complained to the NBA about a lack of calls, prompting the league to respond that no fouls were committed during a crucial stretch of the game. In his postgame interview, head coach Darvin Ham voiced his displeasure with the officials’ performance.

He stood up for his superstar, urging officials to start calling fouls more often when he drives to the basket, especially since LeBron James hasn’t been flopping as much lately.

There was no way that I could have seen Bron making four free throws while repeatedly attacking the rim and being slapped on the arm without calling him a man. He is not giving up. I see him make a powerful swing toward the hole.

Several footage from the game illustrate the missed calls, including several instances where James was struck in the arm or face during drives.

James may have been fouled and not gotten a call, so maybe that was another factor in his decision to pass the game-winning shot to Cam Reddish instead of finishing in the contested paint. From last year, he remembers how that feels.

The end of experienced referee Eric Lewis’s season began with a questionable call on LeBron James. The Lakers lost the championship game because referee Reggie Lewis did not call a foul when Jayson Tatum slapped LeBron James on the wrist on the game-winning play. The no-call was so egregious that fans started investigating if Lewis has any specific ties to the Celtics for ruining the game by missing that foul. LeBron, the Lakers, and the fans all received public apologies from the league.

Everyоne wаs tаken аbаck when Lewis’s purpоrteԀ Twitter/X burner аccоunt reveаleԀ his true fаnԀоm fоr the Bоstоn Celtics. His entire fаmily wаs expоseԀ аs Ԁie-hаrԀ Celtics fаns аfter phоtоs оf them leаkeԀ оnline. аfter this mаteriаl surfаceԀ, the leаgue hаԀ nо chоice but tо lаunch аn investigаtiоn intо Lewis.

Lewis abruptly retired before the investigation was finished. We only know that Lewis’s entire career came crashing down because he missed one call because of his apparent prejudices, but many people think he was forced to retire before the league released its findings.

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