Witnesses report UFO sighting on 65th anniversary of Roswell incident (Video)

A Long-serving CIA Agent Speaks Out on the 65th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident

The Roswell incident of 1947 has been a topic of controversy and conspiracy theories for decades. The incident, which involved a supposed UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, has been the subject of numerous investigations, books, and documentaries. However, the official explanation has always been that it was a weather balloon that crashed.

Recently, a long-serving CIA agent has come forward to reveal that the incident was indeed a real event and that the agency has been keeping the truth hidden in a secret vault at its Langley headquarters. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the revelations made by the CIA agent and explore the implications of this new information.

Chase Brandon, who served as a covert operations officer with the CIA for 35 years, has claimed that he saw direct evidence of the alien visitation in a high-security area of the agency’s headquarters. Brandon, who worked in counterinsurgency and weapons smuggling, says he stumbled upon a box with the word “Roswell” written on it in a vaulted area and upon investigating its contents, he exclaimed, “My God, it really happened.”

The truth is out there, and it seems like Brandon has found it. The Roswell incident has been a topic of debate for decades, with conspiracy theorists claiming that the US government is hiding the truth about the crashed “disc” and the alleged autopsies of alien bodies found at the site. However, the official explanation has always been that it was a weather balloon that crashed.

The incident occurred in 1947, when the military issued a press release stating that the “flying disc” had become a reality after an intelligence officer of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force gained possession of a disc. However, the military changed its story just 24 hours later, claiming that the object was a weather balloon that had crashed on a nearby ranch.

The media and the public accepted the explanation without question, and the incident was forgotten until conspiracy theorists began to dig deeper in the 1970s. Since then, numerous investigations and documentaries have been produced, but the official explanation has remained unchanged.

Brandon’s revelations could change everything. He claims that the box he found contained written material and photographs that convinced him that the incident was real and that the object was not a weather balloon, but a craft that did not come from this planet. He says he will not reveal exactly what was in the box, but the fact that he was convinced of the incident’s authenticity after seeing its contents is a powerful statement.

The implications of Brandon’s claims are huge. If the incident was indeed real, it would mean that the US government has been lying to its citizens for over 70 years. It would also mean that the technology developed from the discoveries inside the craft could be much more advanced than we could ever have imagined.

However, there are skeptics who doubt Brandon’s claims. They argue that there is no proof that the box he found contained anything related to the Roswell incident. They also point out that the CIA has denied the existence of any evidence related to UFOs or extraterrestrial life.

Despite the skepticism, Brandon’s claims have reignited the debate about the Roswell incident and the government’s involvement in covering it up. It remains to be seen whether more evidence will come to light to confirm or refute his claims.

In conclusion, the Roswell incident has been shrouded in mystery and controversy for over 70 years. The recent revelations by a long-serving CIA agent that the incident was indeed real and that the government has been hiding the truth have reignited the debate. While there are skeptics who doubt his claims, the implications of his statements are huge.


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