Witnesses and Records: Examining the Longstanding Phenomenon of UFOs at extraordinary speeds (video)

This UFO sphere has an antenna if you look closely in the video you’ll see it. I’ve actually pointed it out in the video and freeze framed the exact time we can see it.

The best example of a UFO seen throughout history is the UFO sphere with aerials on it.

Guy’s it’s about time that the Government’s of the world invest in a world wide satellite camera system. Have a UFO sighting, rewind the tapes as it will be on record then we simply find out where they go and come from?

If we had this type of UFO surveillance system in place we’d be able to nail it down specifically to where they go and where the UFOs are coming from. I can definitely get behind a world where it’s being recorded live from space. Why not? It’s for our own protection because we now know that UFOs are real and it’d make me feel better.

Because they’ve not introduced themselves, it’s an uneasy feeling knowing that they’re just watching.

It’d probably stop a lot of crime in the process which is alway’s a bonus and it’d be welcomed by anyone, may e… Or at least it should be welcomed by anyone who’s law abiding.

This same UFO has been seen throughout history. Here’s probably one of the earliest sighting’s of this same UFO and subsequent recording of it in history. (Below image). It’s a sphere with 2 radio antenna. In the video if you look closely you’ll see a spinning around it’s outer circumferential surface a radio antenna. Oh it’s definitely there.

To the left is Jesus and to the right God the Father, who hold the radio antennas with their hands, one with the left and the other with the right, two kinds of radio antennas that start from a large round, sphere. The radio antenna are definitely reminiscent of a modern day telescopic car radio antenna with the little bobble on the top of the antenna.

This is ancient times, radio antenna didn’t exist for hundreds of years yet. It’s a truly bizarre painting. It’s predicted this UFO sphere!

Ventura Salimbeni painting Glorification of the Eucharist between 1598 and 1614 depicting a sphere with antennas, dark round hole bottom left on the globe.

Guy’s it shouldn’t be there.

A clear outright “hidden in plain sight Oopart” Out Of Place Artefact. It’s indisputable, irrefutable and unchanged evidence throughout the ages of advanced technology older than humanity itself. If it’s in 1598 then it’s beyond that and it’s definitely one of the strangest UFO sighting’s ever.

Witness statement:

Objeto pasa con extraordinaria velocidad detrás de este avión en despegue.


Object passes with extraordinary speed behind this aircraft taking off.

Here’s the extraordinary video which was originally shared by Tom Delong Instagram:

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