Unidentified flying object spotted over New Zealand beach: A close encounter (Video)

A new sighting was actually recently reported over the St. Kilda beach from New Zealand’s South Island as this time Google Maps itself brought forth evidence of what appears to be yet another spacecraft over the Pacific Ocean.

This is yet another discovery that was made by Scott C. Waring as he came upon this strange object floating above the sea through the use of Google Maps’ own street view.

The UFO is very strange looking, to say the least, as it appears to be rather fat, thicker than we’re used to with most of these disk-shaped UFOs these days.

Many believe that it could be a balloon or a drone of some kind and it doesn’t help that it appears to be quite warped by the camera off of the Google van. The theory that it is all just a balloon was actually proven wrong by a commentator as he brought up the fact that if you move around you can see the fact that the spacecraft has moved incredibly fast to another location.

Either this is a very fast and advanced drone of some kind that also appears to be massive in size or it’s a UFO, which is the most likely explanation for this sighting.

This is not the only discovery that was made through the use of Google Maps either as what appears to be a massive fleet of UFOs was actually discovered last year in Greece alongside an alien base that was uncovered in Indonesia and yet another alien abduction that was caught on tape alongside Fiji.

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