Unexplained aerial phenomenon captured above Giza pyramids (video)

Fleet of UFOs appear above the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt (Video)

Something strange happened in the sky above the pyramids of Giza, on the night of December 3, 2020. When mysterious luminous objects appeared in the sky. One of them was very large and had a form of diamond with several small balls that moved near it.

So, from the big bright rumble began flying dozens of small objects. Which immediately disappeared. Then the object appeared to be suddenly enveloped in flames and shatter into a cluster of objects arranged in a cluster.

Fleet of UFOs appear above the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt (Video)

Many videos have been made of this incredible UFO sighting. But they are all of the same types and we only present one, which is the one analyzed by researcher friend Emanuel Huza. Who has only grouped a few, recorded from different angles and with different sound sequences. That is, so that there is no doubt about the work of some jokers in the video editor.

Fleet of UFOs appear above the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt (Video)

It is very bright, very likely that extraterrestrials wanted to create a spatiotemporal gash in the atmosphere. Where then small bright spheres come out, said Massimo Fratini.

“I have done a lot of research and studies on the StarGate or Dimensional Portals created by advanced extraterrestrial civilities.

Fleet of UFOs appear above the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt (Video)

It is no coincidence that the study of XPoints. Which are places where the magnetic field of the Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun. Creating a spatial gap with an uninterrupted path leading from our planet towards the atmosphere of the Sun 93 million miles away, by NASA these XPoints have become Top Secret.


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