UFOs above Houston, Texas and the World: Unraveling the mystery behind multiple sightings (video)

Mass UFO activity in recent weeks around the world, but first let’s start with UFO sightings over Houston Texas, a series of alleged UFO photos.

Taking pictures of Houston Texas on social media this week left people baffled by what they saw where a popular vote took place.Do you believe in extraterrestrial life? ” The result: Yes 99% – No 1%.



Next video shows remarkable UFO sightings in recent weeks. 1. UFO sighting over Istanbul 2. UFO filmed from orbit over Case Argentina MUFON 56080 3 UFO in orange UFOs CA council oc seen over Camp Pendleton in Southern California 4. UFO sighting Temecula Murrieta 5. UFO sighting over Murrieta / Temecula, CA 6. Two flying saucers UFO seen by family in Spain 7. UFO in Gudalajara Mexico sending signals 8. UFO: 35 Chilean local mine workers a UFO flying in the skies of Tarapacá.

Soon there will be no more cover-up from our Rulers, as we will be in contact, the signs indicate that we are very close to direct contact with Technologically Advanced Civilizations.

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