Touching Story: Woman Swaddles Precious Premature Puppy with Head the Size of Her Thumb

When Stuart, the tiny Chihuahua, was born, his head was the size of a thumb. He was not a typical puppy. He was born prematurely and had a difficult time latching onto his mother. He needed someone who could care for him around the clock. Anita, who has extensive experience with premature babies, was chosen. She knew she had to try to help Stuart survive.




To ensure Stuart’s survival, Anita created an incubator-like environment using a laundry basket. She set alarms to wake up every two hours throughout the night to check on him and provide the necessary care. Fortunately, Stuart’s determination and spunk shone through, and he began to show signs of improvement.


Within a week, Stuart began to fuss and wiggle around, even climbing up the towel in his makeshift incubator. His foster mom was amazed at his progress, considering that just a few days prior, he didn’t have the strength to crawl to his mother. Stuart’s curiosity and adventurous spirit were evident, and Anita knew that his personality would help him continue to grow stronger.


Despite his improvements, Stuart was still delayed in his development. He had difficulty tracking toys and needed sensory-type toys to help him progress. One such toy was his musical mouse, which he initially would just lay next to. Gradually, Stuart began to interact with the toy more, mouthing it and tossing it around. This toy not only provided stimulation for Stuart but also served as a way for Anita to measure his progress.



As Stuart continued to grow in size and coordination, his feisty side also emerged. He began to take charge and show that he was not just a tiny, fragile puppy. When Stuart finally developed the ability to maneuver on his own, his foster mom knew that he was ready to join a new forever home.

With a heartfelt goodbye and a reminder that his new mom would love his kisses too, Stuart was introduced to his new family. His new mom was taken aback by how tiny he was, but she connected with him on a deep level. Anita knew that she would help Stuart continue to develop into a well-rounded little guy.




In a bittersweet farewell, Stuart’s musical mouse went home with him as a reminder of his incredible journey. His foster mom is extremely grateful for the opportunity to have helped him and is excited for the full life that awaits him in his new home.

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