Top 10 unsettling signs of Alien fife found in The Dark ages – Discovering medieval UFOs and extraterrestrial artifacts (video)

In this article, we’ll be exploring the top 10 unsettling signs of alien life found in the Dark Ages, from monsters and aliens in medieval times to medieval sky battles.

  1. Monsters and Aliens in Medieval Times: The understanding of what was considered an alien in the Dark Ages was vastly different from our modern understanding. For instance, two ancient Greek travelers described remote places and their customs in India as “different worlds” viewed with fear and misunderstanding. The Natural History of elder explorers Tessaia of Nidos and Megastines also documents odd details in their journeys, which are a little weird by today’s standards. For instance, a Dawn Astray was believed to be a monster or alien from the legends of Alexander that would catch travelers in the woods, could speak any language, and pretended to know their relatives to gain their trust. Eventually, this monster got a reputation for having a lion’s head and devouring people. Similarly, Tartars were believed to come from hell, and they were the ferocious Mongols that invaded Europe in the Middle Ages.
  2. The Baptism of Christ: In the form of art, we find evidence of alien life. For instance, the painting of the baptism of Christ by Dutch artist Eric Degeld shows four massive beams of light coming down from what appears to be a disc-like object onto the baptism happening below. This painting is considered proof of some secret knowledge to the public.
  3. The Madonna with Saint Giovanni: The painting shows an airborne craft in its top right corner behind Madonna’s shoulders. Some have speculated that she’s trying to protect her children from this alien flying object.
  4. Aliens and Wonders: Aliens in the Dark Ages were often illustrated as monsters or odd humanoid creatures, often used to depict social groups that did not adhere to the standards of old white Christian men. For example, a painting of a siren, a bird-woman monster in the ocean, originated in Greek mythology and was surrounded by men who had drowned after being lured to her. The imagery of the sirens suggests that feminine corruption is ultimately responsible for the downfall of men.
  5. Medieval Sky Battle: A Nuremberg broadsheet shows us a battle involving globes, crosses, and even tubes that took place on April 14, 1561. This aerial battle involved what could be considered an Avengers-level threat and is eerily similar to what we see in modern-day UFO sightings.
  6. The Book of Enoch: The Book of Enoch is a Jewish apocalyptic text that describes a race of beings called Watchers who came to Earth and mated with human women, creating a hybrid race of giants. While this book is not officially part of the Bible, it was widely read during the Dark Ages and could have influenced how people viewed alien life.
  7. Crop Circles: Crop circles have been appearing for centuries, and some believe they are evidence of alien life. In the Dark Ages, crop circles were seen as evidence of witches, demons, or even the Devil himself.
  8. The Black Death: During the Dark Ages, the Black Death killed an estimated 75-200 million people worldwide. Some have speculated that the Black Death was caused by an extraterrestrial virus or bacteria that was intentionally or unintentionally released on Earth.
  9. The Great Pyramid of Giza: The construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza has been a mystery for centuries. Some have speculated that it was built with the help of aliens or was even a landing pad for UFOs.
  10. The Dark Ages Artifacts: Many artifacts from the Dark Ages have been found that resemble modern-day technology. For instance, a clay pot with a copper cylinder


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