The Pentagon has released three videos of unidentified flying objects recorded by naval pilots

In 2020 the pentagon released three videos of unidentified flying objects that were recorded by navy pilots the pilots can be heard trying to understand what they’re looking at we’re going against the wind the wind’s 120 west three videos taken in 2004 and 2015 had been circulating in the media for years after being leaked although the navy did confirm their authenticity the department of defense reportedly said it released the videos to clear up any misconceptions that they were not.

real or that there are more to them but what the videos captured remains a mystery inside edition stephen fabian asked a former government intelligence official what they could be what could they be yeah great question so we all want to know i like to remind everybody unidentified flying object doesn’t mean alien spaceship we have to keep an open mind the alien hypothesis is just a hypothesis at this point might be the russians in chinese could be perhaps some private industry somewhere none of these hypotheses are comfortable.
And they all seem low probability and yet the facts are the facts the department of defense would only say that the objects remain unidentified.


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