Speculation Surrounding Bangkok Helicopter and Possible UFO Sightings (video)

A cryptic UFO video was recently published by Scott C Waring, a self-proclaimed alien hunter based in Taiwan. A black UFO can be seen shooting past a helicopter in a video seemingly taken on March 11 in Bangkok, Thailand. The UFO seemed to be black in color and was screeching through the sky at a fast rate.

Waring claims there is an alien existence on Earth.

According to a new blog post by Waring, sightings like these indicate alien activity on Earth. UFO observations around human-made flying boats, according to Waring, could mean that aliens are observing the evolution of human technology. “An observer caught a helicopter circling above the neighborhood at exactly the same time.

Before the helicopter pilots see it, a tiny black UFO sees the helicopter and shoots next to it, curving gently before shooting away. This is a normal phenomenon among alien drones.” “They’ve been programmed to look for, investigate, and archive any information about flying technologies.

Aliens prioritize gathering data on flying technologies because it helps them to reliably forecast when humans would be capable of long-distance space flight”, on UFO Sightings Daily, Waring wrote.

The mysterious UFO spotted during test flight.

A disc-shaped UFO was found over the Santa Lucia airport in Mexico only a few days ago. A disc-shaped UFO can be seen hovering in the clouds while a flight takes off in a video posted online.

Several internet users believed that aliens had already landed on Earth after seeing the film. Governments and NASA, according to these alien hunters, are fully conscious of extraterrestrial presence, but are concealing the information to avert mass hysteria. Earlier this year, an American Airlines pilot confirmed seeing a UFO while flying from Cincinnati to Phoenix.

The sighting was verified by American Airlines officials, who urged media outlets to contact the FBI for more details.

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