Speculation Abounds After Unidentified Object Spotted in Pacific Northwest Skies (video)

The emergence of enigmatic monoliths in Utah, Romania, and California’s central coast has sparked curiosity among online users in recent weeks. Some are intrigued by the potential significance of these structures, while others speculate that they may indicate a further decline in fortunes in 2020. With the recent sighting of a “monolith” in the sky, we anticipate that this fascination will continue.

Jacobs took the striking pictures for his wife Rena, but the 56-year-old driver probably didn’t expect that his photos would trigger another round of online conjecture. According to Metro, Jacobs said, “All of a sudden this rectangle showed up. It was only in the sky for a couple of seconds. It wasn’t there, then it was, and as quickly as it appeared, it was gone again. That quick! I just thought ‘What the hell is that?’. I’m just a North Idaho guy, and we don’t see things like that.” Since the images surfaced, some people have speculated that there might be a link to the notorious Utah monolith, which was erected by unknown individuals some 800 miles away from Idaho.

Jacobs stated, “A few people have proposed that it might be the monolith from Utah, and it’s that kind of shape. In the grand scheme of things, Utah isn’t that far away from Idaho, and the two states are connected.” The Idaho “sky monolith” surfaced only a few days after the initial monolith in Utah vanished.

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