Sinister 1967 Camaro Pro – The Devil’s Ride


Several years ago it was pretty easy to be burned out on the murdered-out look. After all, everything was getting the black-on-black-on-black-on-black (etc.) treatment to the point it was just ridiculous. Some cars look really good with that, like this 1967 Chevy Camaro Pro-Touring build. Now that we’re out of the era of everything being murdered out, we can really appreciate the look. But this build can more than back up that sinister appearance, making it even more compelling.


The owner, Dennis, built this Camaro all by himself. That’s impressive because the thing looks incredibly clean. Too often, people who own cars like this just shelled out a small fortune to a shop, know little about the build, but expect everyone else to bow down to them for being some sort of automotive god.

Dennis has paid a lot of attention to detail. You can watch the video to hear all about the build, but to give you a taste just know the wheels are custom-made and so are the headers. Dennis was the one who made the headers since he couldn’t find any off-the-shelf ones that would fit.


Then there’s the secret to the sauce is the 502ci big block V8 under the hood. Even though “LSX” is stamped into the intake, it’s not an LSX, something Dennis says throws people off all the time. This mill is pushing a monstrous 800-horsepower, so it’s not a pushover in the least. Making use of a dry sump that’s ideal for autocross, the guy wants to compete with this beast once he has everything sorted. In other words, the man not only built the car himself, he’s not going to make it a garage queen. Incredible.





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