Reverse Engineering Alien technology: Did Area 51 Play a role in America’s technological advancements (Video)

Could it be true that the US military discovered otherworldly spacecraft? Did post-war America’s greatest technological accomplishments result from reverse engineering alien vehicles? These are the questions posed by ancient astronaut theorists who claim that the truth about Area 51 was revealed decades ago, not by UFO enthusiasts or whistleblowers, but by two men responsible for maintaining the government’s most vital secrets.

In June 1943, in the midst of World War II, the government pressed the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation to develop the next generation of military planes – jet fighters designed to outshine propeller aircraft and help turn the tide of the war. A team headed by Lockheed engineer Clarence Kelly Johnson delivered the first production model, the P-80 Shooting Star, in just 143 days. This initiated the jet age for the US military. Kelly Johnson’s secret research and development team ultimately became known as Skunk Works.

Clarence Kelly Johnson was the first head of Lockheed’s Skunk Works division in the 1950s and 1960s up until 1975. He is the developer of the U2 spy plane, which was able to fly at an incredible altitude of 80,000 feet and was equipped with photographic capabilities that were astonishing. He is a great legend in the aviation community for sure.

Despite his mainstream credentials, Johnson became the primary witness to a now-famous UFO sighting in Aguero, California, on December 16, 1953. His report of the encounter and his personal sketches of the craft were preserved by Project Blue Book, the US government’s official account of the UFO phenomenon at the time. He was with some of his colleagues at the time when he saw a very unusual object that he could not explain using any familiar technology.

During an era of official skepticism about UFOs, Johnson risked his career by reporting the sighting to his superiors. However, instead of being penalized or demoted, Johnson was seemingly rewarded two years later when he played a pivotal role in founding America’s most secret military base, Area 51. Kelly Johnson identified the location where Area 51 is as a good strategic location, fundamentally located in the right part of the world without prying eyes.

The question remains: was Area 51 founded merely to test experimental aircraft, as the military insists, or did Kelly Johnson choose the location as the best place to reverse engineer the very alien spacecraft he believed he saw with his own eyes? Ancient astronaut theorists believe the latter, and they insist that the truth about Area 51 was revealed decades ago, not by UFO enthusiasts or whistleblowers, but by two men responsible for maintaining the government’s most vital secrets.

In conclusion, the mystery surrounding Area 51 and the possibility of reverse engineering alien spacecraft remains unsolved. The revelations made by Clarence Kelly Johnson, a man with mainstream credentials, only add to the intrigue surrounding the secretive military base. With its strategic location and lack of prying eyes, it is not difficult to believe that Area 51 is where the US government has been secretly reverse engineering alien spacecraft.

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