Lionel Messi and Antonela’s Heartwarming Family Moment Shatters Social Media Records with 6 Million Hearts in Just One Hour

Social media went crazy over Messi’s family portrait because it was so adorable.

Football legend Lionel Messi gained notice recently on his 490 million-follower personal Instagram profile by sharing pictures from backstage at the 2023 Golden Ball awards presentation with his cherished family. The most memorable of them is the one where he and his stunning wife Antonela clasped hands and exchanged a tender grin. Messi and his spouse exchanged tender glances that showed off their respective shapes. Three young boys are observing their parents’ behavior with great attention in the background.

The photo of Messi and his wife Antonela in love in front of their 3 children received 6 million hearts in an hour - Photo 1.


The youngest, mischievous Ciro smiled and turned to face his magnificent father, while the eldest, Thiago, and the second son, Mateo, focused on their mother’s cheerful face. Netizens melted when they saw that Messi was content with his lovely wife and well-behaved kids in a tiny, loving family.


In just one hour, the photo garnered over 6 million likes and over 60,000 comments. The majority of individuals complimented Messi’s three adorable youngsters and expressed their admiration for their fairytale romance with Antonela.

The photo of Messi and his wife Antonela in love in front of their 3 children received 6 million hearts in an hour - Photo 2.



Messi is not only regarded as the greatest player in history with eight golden balls in world soccer. In addition, his personality was commended, particularly for his 27-year commitment to a single woman. Messi has spent his entire life loving Antonela, his wife, whom he has secretly loved since he was a young boy.




Born in 1988, Antonela Roccuzzo was one year younger than Lionel Messi. After just one meeting, Messi—who was nine years old at the time—agreed to fall in love with Antonela. But the two didn’t begin dating until July 2007, following a number of ups and downs. Messi made his girlfriend’s identity known to the public and media in 2009.



Following ten years of dating, Messi and Antonela tied the knot in a small ceremony in 2017. These days, the couple has three incredibly cute youngsters.

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