Fur-tastic Friends: Fluffy Husky Falls for Tiny Tot in Big Way

Lick his arm.

Good boy, he’s supervising Tmy time.

He’s okay going?

Leave you to watch over him for a second.

I want to try and tackle that mess.

Look at them, Bigg, you one good boy like that.

Good boy, do it, good boy, you doo it yourself now, teaching your Malamute to Rock Your Baby, good boy.

So sorry, Teddy, he does that.

Sometimes this is soft Landing to.

He’s buried himself under the Du, scared.

Who’s that, Nathan?

You was J as ear.

Is it the big bad wolf?

Okay, Teddy, he’s not dinner.

You guys, my you just the best dokey you are.

Can I take it?

Are you feeding Teddy?

Come more, please.

A thank you.

Where’s Teddy?

Where’s your Teddy bear?


That’s nice for Teddy.

What are we doing with the robotic Hoover?

And what are we doing with Nathan’s dirty onesie, you Twoo here?

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