Exploring the Unknown: Ancient Aliens and the Multiverse Theory (Video)

Former British intelligence officer Nick Pope visits the ECETI Ranch in the Pacific Northwest, home to the Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence organization. Scientists from Boeing, NASA, and Lockheed Skunk Works have visited ECETI over the past 33 years to research unexplained aerial phenomena. Unlike other UFO watch organizations, ECETI uses remote viewers as their most powerful observational tool. Remote viewing is taking people who have, or believe they have, the ability to see things with their mind, and putting them to work gathering intelligence. The experiment combines human observation and remote viewing in an attempt to better understand the recent increase in UFO sightings over Washington State’s Mount Adams.

John Vivanco, an ex-government remote viewing expert, leads a team of remote viewers. He explains that a remote viewer is given a random eight-digit number connected to what they’re supposed to remote view. They don’t get what they’re supposed to remote view, only the number. John has stationed two remote viewers in a windowless room, armed with nothing more than a pencil and a drawing pad.

Peter Slattery and Nick Pope conduct field surveillance and discuss the details of the evening’s plans. Nick asks what the remote viewers are actually going to be doing in there, to which Peter responds that they get visual snippets and a lot of body sensations. They will be drawing and writing a lot on paper, and afterward, John will collect that information from them when they’re done. In the morning, they can meet up and see if they can come up with some explanation for what went on.

As night sets in, the team has all eyes glued to the sky and on the lookout for any objects that might cross their path. They will be using various technology, including infrared cameras, to capture any anomalies in the sky. The location for their watch overlooks Mount Adams, the largest active volcano in Washington State and a hotspot for UFO sightings. Utilizing real-time satellite tracking data, they can anticipate the arrival of all manmade traffic passing over their airspace, including the International Space Station.

The experiment combines human observation and remote viewing in an attempt to better understand the recent increase in UFO sightings over Washington State’s Mount Adams. The team hopes to have some interesting and meaningful results in the morning after analyzing the data collected from the remote viewers. While remote viewing may sound like science fiction, some of the work being done at places like the Large Hadron Collider is now quite seriously looking at the concept of other dimensions.


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