Experts analyze mysterious silver metallic UFO sighting in residential area (video)

So, now that people are presented with a UFO sighting video that contains a detailed, a very clear and high probability that it’s real UFO, let’s see what people think?

If a Flying Saucer is filmed and the subsequent video comes up that shows a clear and really detailed craft which is exactly what the people have been asking to see, but will people accept it? I really hope that people accept at least that there’s a decent probability of it being real. Maybe it’s going to be dismissed, maybe not? It’s a sceptical way to look at thing’s but it’s reality.

It’s about as strange as the UFO sighting itself if people are going to say it’s to good to be true. Obviously when people say that they’re hoping a clear UFO sighting happens at some point, it cannot be pulled out of thin air. But after year’s of waiting one’s finally appeared. Give it a chance, let’s do more than just taking a 5 second look and coming to the conclusion it’s to good.

I’m being very negative about this, because I’m second guessing what folk will might say and before it’s even been seen. I like to think that I know people and when people wish for a “clear video for once”, when they are finally and eventually presented with a clear UFO sighting with detailed footage.

All of a sudden it’s too good!

Seriously you can’t make it up! But people are people at the end of the day, and people understand that they don’t have to accept anything. It’s a good thing overall and it’s what drives improvement in all areas of life. But when is it detrimental to moving forward with information and improving knowledge like in this case it’s Ufology?

I enjoy reading up on UFOs and Ufology, especially UAP disclosure and pretty much the whole Ufology genre. I enjoy bringing you thought provoking UFO sighting’s. Add into this mix my own personal opinions and my thoughts on this and I think people enjoy reading about UFOs too?

Somewhere along the line I knew that making a decision on what’s real or likely a hoax, is going to be difficult. But I’ve got to stick to my beliefs because if I never actually say that I believe a particular UFO sighting is real, then I’m not a UFO believer, I’d be a sceptic.

I think this silver metallic looking Flying Saucer could possibly be real.

Because it’s clear, it’s detailed, it’s actually rotating in the video (just the bottom of it) the top section is still, looking in the direction it’s flying in and the person who is filming this, they’re keeping it in the middle of the viewfinder. That tells me it’s an object that’s actually there as they’re actively tracking a physical object.

Physical object above home’s.

If your a sceptic, you’d likely say something along the lines of:

It’s an obvious fake and that the weather is to warm lol, it’s clearly a hoax. It looks to clear, it’s to detailed or it’s been created in Photoshop. It’s to clear. Blah, blah blah.

There’s no way that anyone can put forward a UFO sighting that everyone is going to accept on demand, it’s impossible to do. We’ve all got to wait till one occurs, there’s got to be one sooner or later and this is the later one.

Before, I was sent a fantastic video showing a detailed and clear UFO sighting, it apparently was to good to be true. In fact it’s what I’d have called a historic UFO sighting. But there you go.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

But instantly it was seen as a Photoshop rendering of the UFO kind because it was to good! Maybe this is why I’m sceptical about any clear footage myself because of the past when the UFO sighting looked absolutely spot on. But I’ve learned to trust my instincts, my gut feeling.

We see the silver metallic UFO come into the screen from the left hand side and it’s definitely the main focus of the camera person who is filming this as he or she is following it keeping it in the center of the viewfinder.

Unfortunately I’ve searched for information on this but I can’t find anything. That’s not convenient or uncanny etc. It would be so easy just to say it was filmed at such and such place. So not having a place isn’t a bad thing. I’m regularly sent UFO sighting’s and people mostly don’t want to be tagged or mentioned in a post. So it’s not uncommon for people to want to remain anonymous with nothing to identify them.

It’s flying over the homes of people who are probably oblivious to what’s happening right above their heads. We only see a portion of the video which there’s more than likely a lot more of the video that shows the silver craft further away from where it is in the part of the video we can see.

For whatever reason only this short 29 seconds long video has made it to social media platforms. It tells me that the original video was posted to a place which can  only accept 30 second long videos? Like Reel’s have setting’s for 30 second long vids, 60 seconds video and 90 second long vids.

When you film a UFO but don’t have anywhere to post it except for the more popular social media platforms, it’s something that you must accept I suppose? So, the video is trimmed with only the

Here’s the extraordinary video showing a detailed UFO flying over homes:If you’ve got any thoughts or opinions on this, please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. Don’t forget to share this post, thanks.

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