Expert analysis of rare daytime footage of triangular UFOs in Triangle alley (Video)

In recent years, there has been a surge in reports of strange, triangular-shaped objects in the skies around the world. From Belgium in 1989 to Phoenix, Arizona in 1997, and Tinley Park, Illinois in 2004, these mysterious craft have been spotted flying slowly and silently at night. But now, a new breakthrough in the investigation of these unexplained triangular craft has been made, as rare daytime footage has been uncovered in an area of California known as Triangle Alley.

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this amazing discovery, and explore the experiences of two sky watchers who have had credible sightings of flying triangles.

The Daytime Sighting. It was June 15, 2004, when two sky watchers in Sonora, California, Mark and Jed, spotted a triangular formation of lights in the sky during daylight hours. Mark captured the event on video, which shows three lights in a triangular formation, equidistant from each other, moving slowly and steadily across the sky. The lights appeared to be part of one solid figure, and did not vary in position as they moved.

The video was captured in Triangle Alley, an area of California known for its frequent sightings of triangular UFOs. The area is located near Columbia Airport, a small airport without radar, and the closed Castle Air Force Base in Merced.

The Investigation, to investigate the video further, it was taken to Terrence Masson’s lab. Masson is an image analyst who used motion tracking software to isolate and stabilize the three lights in the video. The analysis revealed that the lights were part of a solid object, and not individual lights floating in the sky.

Masson’s analysis also showed clear indications of a structure behind the three lights, suggesting that the object was a single triangular shaped craft. The object did not display any kind of relative motion, even over a 4 and a half second period, which would be impossible for any conventional aircraft.

Masson’s analysis eliminated the possibility that the object was a helicopter or any other man-made craft. The evidence pointed towards an extraterrestrial origin, as the craft’s characteristics were inconsistent with anything that could be created by humans.

Conclusion, the discovery of rare daytime footage of a triangular shaped UFO in Triangle Alley has brought us one step closer to unraveling the mystery behind these unexplained craft. The investigation by Terrence Masson has provided strong evidence that the object captured in the footage was a single, solid craft, with three large propulsion or illuminating lights.

The experiences of Mark and Jed, and the footage they captured, suggest that there is something mysterious and unexplainable happening in the skies above us. While we may never know for certain what these craft are or where they come from, we can continue to investigate and seek answers to the fascinating and perplexing phenomenon of UFO sightings.


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