Exclusive footage of unidentified flying objects in Santiago, Chile (video)

This is double UFO sighting which shows them slowly moving and hovering towards the left of the screen getting nearer to the mountains.

At first glance it looks like these could be lights off in the distance between the city and the mountains. But after watching the full video, it’s abundantly clear that these are hovering in the sky but moving real slow.

A close up look at the Santiago Chile double UFO sighting yesterday.

They’re definitely not stationary lights on a far off set of car’s driving along a road that we just can’t see. These are moving horizontally across the horizon and moving to the left on the screen. If these where car’s then we’d see them moving vertically in thos specific video because of the camera being situated up high looking out over and across the city to the mountain side. So if it was a road coming to the city, I think we’d be seeing something different.

Towards the end of the video we can see the light’s really beginning to focus and as the lens of camera focuses in on the light’s we can see what I’d say looks like a grouping together of 3 UFO Orbs in one horizontal line and right next to it and above (moving left to right) there’s another grouping together of a second set of UFO Orbs in a horizontal line. They’re very close together as well which is who for a minute there I really thought that we was seeing 2 Cylindrical shaped UFOs.

Double UFO sighting over Santiago Chile 13th February 2023.

The light’s on the UFOs, which could actually be the UFOs itself are bright with a yellowish orange glowing colour.the one closest to the right side of the screen and higher up than the other one, that one definitely is traveling a tad bit faster than the other because it’s caught up to or closed the gap between the 2 group’s of UFOs.

Here’s the extraordinary video description which was only filmed yesterday on the 13th February 2023.These UFOs look as if they’re just observing, at least it looks like that to me? Does it look like that to you?



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