Eskilstuna, Sweden witnesses a mysterious and unexplained column of light (video)

Kristina Skis, a resident of Eskilstuna, Sweden, captured the footage that follows. She had been attempting to record a thunderstorm using her phone’s camera when she observed an unusual phenomenon in the sky. Upon realizing what she had filmed, Kristina connected her phone to her computer and closely examined the video frame by frame, thoroughly perplexed by what she had witnessed.

Kristina Skis reported seeing a large flash that she initially thought was a reflection in her camera’s lens, but it turned out to be a massive column of light that ascended from the ground to the sky. She remains uncertain about the nature of the mysterious column of light.

Kristina ruled out the possibility of it being a mere optical illusion because the light was partially obscured by a cluster of trees. The footage quickly went viral on the internet, attracting the attention of ufologists and experts in anomalous phenomena, many of whom speculated that it was an extraterrestrial manifestation.



It is widely known that UFO sightings often occur during storms and thunderstorms, as they can easily blend in with clouds. Watch the video below and share your thoughts on this intriguing incident.

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