LeBron James and his family welcomed Vanity Fair into their home, and the resulting photo shoot has gone viral. It was in their Los Angeles residence when the photo shoot took place.


That’s what the New York Post says, anyway.

The Lakers legend and his wife Savannah James welcomed Vanity Fair into their Los Angeles residence on Tuesday, where the magazine took their first family portraits with their three children, sons Bronny (now 17) and Bryce (now 15) and daughter Zhuri (now 7). Savannah’s mom and dad, Jennifer and JK, and James’ mom, Gloria, are all in the pictures.


The West Coast property included a marble-detailed swimming pool and a black Porsche 918 Spyder, and the Jameses posed in a variety of expensive outfits.


James and Savannah, who met as high school students in close proximity to each other in Ohio, wed in 2013. One shot shows the newlyweds cuddling on the sports car.


James whispered something amusing into Savannah’s ear just before the shot was taken, causing her to collapse over with laughter. Initially saying, “I cannot repeat that,” she later clarified, “Everything isn’t for everybody.”


The James family’s closeness and devotion to basketball (and matching uniforms) were fair game.

The family wore matching jammies and, in a special father-daughter moment, James and Zhuri wore the same pair of overalls from Chrome Hearts.

“Excuse my language, but we a dоpe family,” Savannah remarked, referring to the family that appeared in several images of her and her daughter, including ones in which they posed by a pool and in her luxuriously appointed bedroom.

James also plays basketball with his sons on a backyard hoop, as seen in images and behind-the-scenes film. The three of them posed on a crown-shaped float in the pool while wearing identical swimsuits.

It’s refreshing to see a black family getting some media attention. Whether or not you think LeBron is the greatest player of all time is irrelevant; what is important is that he has never shamed his loved ones away from the court.