Chinese lunar rover’s unexplained encounter on the Moon raises questions (video)

Strange Alien Walking On The Moon Was Filmed By The Chinese Lunar Rover (video)

On the surface of the Moon, a Chinese lunar rover “caught” an alien. As the computer was lowering an item to the earth, an unseen creature got through the camera lens. A real armed war with aliens over the planet’s natural satellite, according to Ufologists. Probes and celestial rovers are exploring the surface. One of them was working on the satellite’s rear. A 3-meter alien collided with the lens of his camera at some stage.

Strange Alien Walking On The Moon Was Filmed By The Chinese Lunar Rover (video)

The beast moved a few meters, knelt, dropped something on the ground, and then walked backwards. Ufologists in China researched the samples for a long time before coming to a shocking conclusion: aliens mined the earth. Alternative cosmologists say the Earth satellite was destroyed by aliens. Representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence are attempting to shield the Moon’s location from obnoxious planetary rovers in quite a drastic manner.

Strange Alien Walking On The Moon Was Filmed By The Chinese Lunar Rover (video)

The aliens, according to Chinese ufologists, are involved in the platinum heart. According to certain geologists and chemists, the Moon is the solar system’s richest supplier of platinum. Jewelers aren’t the only ones that use this metal. It is widely used in the development of space technology, especially laser devices. The quest for life on Mars is being pursued by a number of Ufologists. According to certain scholars, the members of the red planet were the ones who were involved in lunar platinum. “Martian extraterrestrials need precious metals from the Moon. They intend to create a massive laser that would have an effect on the Earth. This necessitates a large amount of platinum, much more than exists in the depths of our planet.”

Strange Alien Walking On The Moon Was Filmed By The Chinese Lunar Rover (video)

Earthlings have two choices: protect the Moon in the battle with the Martians, or give up the Earth’s satellite and wait for the ray to kill the “blue world.” Ufologists are urged not to “panic” culture, according to NASA astrophysicists. Several probes orbit Mars, but no grandiose structures have been discovered. The event on the moon went unmentioned by scientists.



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