Beyond the Conspiracy: The Shocking Reality of Alien Experiments at Dulce’s Underground Base (Video)

If you are a believer in extraterrestrial life, then the thought of a secret underground base where the government has been housing aliens and carrying out strange experiments may not be too far-fetched. In season 3 of UFO Hunters, investigators Ken Storch and Bob, along with archaeologist Garth Baldwin, explore the possibility of such a base in Dulce, New Mexico, and uncover some startling revelations.

The Dulce papers, which surfaced in the 1980s, documented the levels of experimentation going on at the secret base. The papers also talked about a fight, hinting at the possibility of a conflict between the aliens and the government. This only fuels the investigators’ curiosity and desire to uncover the truth.

The Archuleta Mesa is the site where the alleged underground base is located. Ken, Bob, and Garth examine the geological makeup of the mesa to see if it is even possible to build an underground base there. Garth explains that the top layer of the mesa is made up of columnar basalt, which is too fragmentary for any kind of drilling. However, there are layers of basalt and sandstone beneath that are more structurally sound and could be used for drilling.

According to the specifications given for the base, it can extend up to 4.87 miles in diameter, which is about the size of the mesa. Garth believes that Archuleta Mesa has the size to house something of this magnitude. While Ken and Bob are not convinced that there is a base inside the mesa, they acknowledge that the possibility is real.

One of the most interesting aspects of the investigation is the technology used to drill out the space for the underground base. Garth is not aware of any technology that can do this kind of drilling in an expeditious way, but John Rhodes shows them that the technology exists today. This only adds to the mystery and intrigue surrounding the Dulce base.

In conclusion, season 3 of UFO Hunters is a must-watch for anyone interested in extraterrestrial life and government conspiracies. The investigation into the alleged underground base in Dulce, New Mexico, is riveting and raises many questions about the government’s involvement in extraterrestrial activities. While the truth may never be known, the investigation is a reminder that the universe is vast, and there may be more to it than we currently understand.


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