Beyond Science Fiction: The Unexplained UFO Activity in New York’s Hudson Valley

Kent Cliffs New York New Year’s Eve 1982 was a night that would change the small town just north of New York City forever. As revelers gathered to ring in the new year, they were stunned by the appearance of an unusual aircraft in the sky. The ship was as large as a commercial jet, had a v-shape, moved slowly, and made no sound. This incident marked the beginning of a wave of UFO sightings that would soon shape the surrounding area known as the Hudson Valley.

The Hudson Valley is a classic UFO hot spot. From 1983 to 1986, thousands of people witnessed triangular and boomerang-shaped objects, which were well-lit and flew low over the community. People from all walks of life reported seeing something strange, which they believed was not from this planet. This caused people to pull over on the side of the road and call home, thinking there was some kind of invasion.

Eyewitnesses included executives, doctors, scientists, meteorologists, and others who reported something they had never seen before. Over the span of three years, officials received more than 9,000 reports from eyewitnesses describing the same v-shaped craft. Not only was there a UFO sighting in Hudson Valley, but it came back night after night after night.

During the two-year wave of UFO sightings, author Philip Imbrogno investigated the area on behalf of the Center for UFO Studies, which was founded by Jay Alan Heineck after his work with Project Blue Book. Imbrogno conducted hundreds of interviews with residents of the area and even witnessed the v-shaped craft himself. This object, whatever it was, was the size of a football field and came over the highways and hovered, projecting down a brilliant beam of white light.

Imbrogno spent months crisscrossing the area and noticed something curious. The volume of mysterious reports during this time were not only focused on a strange craft in the sky but also on bizarre sounds coming from somewhere deep below ground. People started to wonder why these hot spots were hot spots, and one explanation is that what is actually going on is underneath the ground. These hot spots are, in fact, entrances to vast underground cabins or even secret bases.

In the Hudson River, there were especially many hot spots in the 1980s. Imbrogno spoke to a few researchers, and they said that the locals used to hear things coming up from underground, and they weren’t sure what it was, but they figured there was a base below ground. A military/alien base.

Arguably, the most famous sighting in the Hudson Valley hot spot concerned beings from underground, as was the case with best-selling horror novelist Whitley Strieber, who wrote about his own experience in his book Communion. In December of 1985, Strieber woke up in a room that wasn’t his bedroom in the middle of the night. The room was filled with two kinds of figures: willowy figures with big black eyes and dark blue short figures. Then he began to hear a voice say, “What can you do to help?” He was screaming, and he thought, “I’m screaming,” and the next morning he woke up extremely confused and disturbed without any real understanding of what had happened to him.

In conclusion, the Hudson Valley UFO sightings of the 1980s were a significant event that shaped the region’s history. The sightings and bizarre sounds coming from deep underground have led to theories of vast underground cabins or secret bases in the region. The Hudson Valley remains a classic UFO hot spot, with sightings continuing to this day.

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